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Plan participants enrolled under the member organization’s Jefferson Health Plan coverage, including employees, spouses & dependents are eligible for the benefits offered through the EAP Program. In addition, any other household members of a JHP covered employee may use the EAP. Employees of JHP member organizations who are not covered by the Jefferson Health Plan are also eligible.

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•To register, visit or your EAP achieve solutions website and enter your company name: JEFFERSON HEALTH PLAN

Complete our QuickMatchTM questionnaire to share your preferences

• Review the matches we find for you and choose your personal counselor

• Once you create an account, you can start messaging in your private digital room and book a live session using the Talkspace app or your computer

Enhanced ID Theft-Overview

Enhanced ID Theft-Member-Overview_JHP-Carelon
  • The growing crime of ID theft can impact your family’s safety and financial welfare. Carelon is proud to announce this enhancement to your current ID theft benefit.

2024 Engagement Themes


Visit to register for upcoming webinars and access archived webinar recordings. 

 Practicing mindfulness


Life is hard sometimes.


Stress at work or school, relationship problems, and financial difficulties can be worrying. Practicing mindfulness can help you recover quicker and make better decisions.

We're here for life's challenges


No problem is too big or too small. Receive no-cost confidential support today.

 Overcoming stigma for better mental health


Fear of judgment and shame often prevent people from seeking help. Don’t let the fear of being stigmatized keep you from getting the support you need.

Employee Assistance Program

EAP Carelon
  • Counseling

  • Work/Life Support

  • Legal and Financial Services


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  • Eligibility

  • EAP Counseling

  • Legal & Financial Benefit

  • Work-Life Balance Benefit

  • Management Consultations

  • Management Referrals

  • Crisis Incident Debriefing

  • Orientation & Training

Managing Depression

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  • Access screenings to help identify depression.

  • Learn about treatment options.

  • Find professional counseling online or in person.

  • Discover tips for helping a loved one who is experiencing depression.

 Dealing with holiday stress


The holidays can be fun and festive. For many, they can also be stressful. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce holiday stress for yourself and your family.

 We're here for life's challenges


No problem is too big or too small. Receive no-cost confidential support today.

Financial Wellness

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Gaining a sense of control over money matters

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